Today’s businesses are challenged by continuous changes; pressured to deliver more in a shorter time with superior quality. Companies operating both in growth economies and in developed countries are looking for ways to monitor their on-line processes to improve production efficiency, quality and environmental safety. This all will set new requirements for liquid analysis.

At Aqsens, we believe that our radical fingerprinting technology  can help industries in these challenges. AQSENS™ Q-technologies platform delivers quantitative and qualitative analysis for liquids or dissolved solutions.Versatility of the Aqsens fingerprinting technology™ makes it ideal for industries which are looking for accuracy and speed without laboratory conditions.

Aqsens intends to become the leading company in on-site liquid analysis applications focusing on Cleantech and Life Science businesses. Our aim is to deliver highly valuable monitoring applications to benefit our customers businesses.

– Timo Teimonen, CEO

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Pekka Hänninen - Board Member
Pekka Hänninen
Board Member

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Hannu Syrjälä
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Niklas Törnkvist
Board Member

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Chairman of the Board