Tailored applications for oil production chemistry monitoring


Tailor current test application to your specific measurement needs

As each production site often contains a specific cocktail of chemistries, there could be an advantage in tailoring an application for an individual service contract. Partners will be able to specify the production chemisty mix (or options planned to be used) and work with Aqsens to obtain solutions that meet their needs. They will have for example the opportunity to assess different chemistries combinations to optimise the function – monitoring – value matrix during a pre implementation phase or when considering an individual chemical change out.  

Develop new test applications to support your chemistry solutions

This approach could be attractive in those situations where more than one scale inhibitor is present in a produced water sample or when for example a phosphonate scale inhibitor is present with a chemical such as a corrosion inhibitor or a biocide that contain phosphorus.  

Aqsens maintains ongoing feasibility programs that development partners will have access to, with opportunities to fast track them into specific applications

Please contact Paul Mundill at paul.mundill@aqsens.com to discuss your production chemistry monitoring needs.



  • Tailor current test applications to your specific  measurement needs
  • Develop new test applications to support your chemistry solutions