Frequently Asked Questions

The calibration curve is used to convert the measured active SI concentration into your SI product concentration. Aqsens will prepare a calibration curve as part of the start up package.

KemConnect has been designed to measure freshly taken samples as this gives the most reliable information. As long as the sample has been stabilised with acid and there is no precipitation they can be reliably measured.

NO, this will disrupt the measurement.

Aqsens carries out extensive spiking and recovery measurement on produced water and buffer samples to ensure analytical accuracy. This is also done for samples that differ from HPLC confirming the reliability of the KemConnect applications.

YES, it is CE labeled and conforms to FCC part 15 19(3)(a).

Q-Control samples can be obtained from Aqsens and used to measure the reader performance. Additionally the reader will indicate through the UI if it is not correctly connected or the optics needs to be cleaned with the supplies tool. See the reader manual for further details.