World’s first in-field, fast residual SI monitoring system

In oil business, knowing how to maximize the squeeze length makes the difference. AQSENS is a new way to measure residual scale inhibitor (SI) polymer concentration in-field in just 10 minutes even with your existing polymer chemistries with unsurpassed accuracy without any special tags needed.

Oilfield Aqsens Technology


  • Give onsite managers immediate update on residual SI levels
  • Measure only active residual scale inhibitor levels
  • One system for all onsite SI monitoring

Why onsite scale monitoring


Scale management has become an essential component for flow assurance across the majority of offshore production locations. Whether squeeze or topside strategies are employed it is critical to ensure that the applied scale inhibitor product is delivering the expected level of protection.  

With KemConnect we introduce a new paradigm that delivers several highly valuable features to improve flow assurance and manage costs.

Measure only active residual scale inhibitor levels
The applications measure only active scale inhibitor so decisions can be made with confidence based on the actual active level in the produced water. It is known that shearing and exposure to field conditions such as elevated temperatures can inactivate scale inhibitors.

One System for onsite monitoring
One system now provides onsite measuring for all polymeric scale inhibitor and phosphonate SI monitoring capability. Tagged polymers are no longer essential for monitoring  and no more matching of different detection methods(e.g. ICP and fluorescence or mass spectroscopy).

Give onsite decision makers immediate update on residual SI levels
Cost management and chemical logistics can be improved through local response to real time SI level variations.



Improved flow integrity

AQSENS™ novel technology will improve flow integrity through more effective scale management. There is a low risk of change as the technology is designed to work with your existing chemistries without special tags.

• Timely operations management
• Accurate monitoring of polymeric SI in-field
• In-field monitoring throughout squeeze or treatment
• No change needed on SI chemistries
• Consistent results with factory calibrated system


KemConnect Phosphonate SI


The application directly measures the scale inhibitor through its cation binding functionality. This ensures that only the active SI is measured in the produced water.

A unique calibration curve is generated by Aqsens for each SI product and used by Aqsens to factory calibrate each batch of tests.

The application has been validated for deta phosphonate in brine solutions and produced water. Typically spiked samples gave a recovery between 90 to 110% and with a sensitivity of 0.3ppm (active phosphonate).

One range is available:

  • CF 100 – 1 ppm

If higher concentrations are required, the sample should be diluted.